1. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat, Studio Oneindigheid, video installation, 2017

    Eat, sleep, rave, repeat, Studio Oneindigheid, video installation, 2017


  2. Look at me and see what I could not yet see


    Gilbert de Bontridder through the eyes of:

    Sara Bachour & Joep Hinssen, Maarten Davidse & Simon Weins, Studio Oneindigheid (Charlotte Lagro, Chaim van Luit, Joep Vossebeld), Tim Rutten & Roel Pansters, Krist Gruijthuijsen


    concept: Paula van den Bosch & Joep Vossebeld

    Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht


    On his death in 1996, Gilbert De Bontridder left behind an oeuvre of paintings and collages, including some monumental works in Maastricht and its vicinity, and a series of publications and writings on painting. Besides being an artist, writer, organiser and curator, De Bontridder was also a gifted teacher at the academy. An incentive award was named after him in 1997, which is presented annually at the MAFAD. The Gilbert De Bontridder Award is intended as an incentive for graduate artists who operate on the borderline between practice and theory.

    To celebrate the twentieth edition of the award (July 2017), the Bonnefanten Museum is introducing the public to painting developments in the oeuvre of Gilbert De Bontridder. It also invited eight recipients of the award, who prefer to operate as a collective, to collaborate with the deceased artist, as it were, with retroactive effect. These young artists have adopted fragments of his work and, through video, light and sound works, continue where De Bontridder's oeuvre left off twenty years ago.